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Make it possible:


We need your support to make tPinball happen. We are a small company and a great initial investment is required to launch this project.


The process of plastic injection is not cheap, and this is besides the production cost of the connection board, and the cost of assembling the final product.Is necessary to produce a minimum number of units to launch the project into the market.


Consequently, our campaign costs are really high. But we hope that thanks to the community, we will be able to carry out this project.



For all platforms

tPinball is compatible with iOs, Android, PC and Mac. Can you imagine playing on your tablet and also being able to connect tPinball to your PC/Mac to play your favorite pinball emulator?


Thanks to its extendable design, tPinball is suitable for most tablets. Besides, you will be able to take it anywhere because of its small size.

Open Source PDK + 3D Printer Ready

tPinball has an Open Source Pinball Developer Kit (PDK) for all available platforms, and it is very easy to integrate.


Two games will be launched (Android & iOs) with an open source license to check how to integrate PDK.


The 3D pinball model will be also shared for all those people that wish to print their spare parts with a 3d printer.

Operating Mode

tPinball works as a keyboard connected via bluetooth, so if your tablet or computer is a bluetooth-enabled product you will be able to use it. In order to do this, you will only have to synchronize it with your device.


tPinball works with 2 AA batteries and it has an on/off button so you can save energy when you are not playing.

Pinball Kingpin Crazy Bill at the zombie stars hotel Muster my Monsters Muster my Monsters

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